Chris Roman Voice Over

Voice Overs

Chris Roman is a voice over artist, audio production specialist and copywriter


When you hire Chris, he pledges that you get the voice over you are happy with. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority at all times. As a service provider he will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you pay for and more! 


As a voice over artist, he covers a wide range of styles, spanning the voice spectrum from casual to corporate, conversational to narrator. He can be reassuring and soft as well as lighthearted and funny. He can give you the hard sell, the guy-next-door feel, the monster truck boom or whatever characters the situation calls for. Chris is a storyteller and a documentarian. From commercials and trailers to exciting and uplifting reads, from Audiobooks to product tutorials to industrial and promotional applications, Christopher Roman can do it all

As a production specialist, Chris is not only a digital audio workstation whiz, but he is a master editor and mixer, producing everything from dry reads to fully produced commercials - all in his own professional recording studio, built by him. From music applications and jingles to audio books, narrations and major audio production projects, his track record speaks for itself. He is equipped for any situation.

As a copywriter, he knows the other side of performance – the writing. He knows how absolutely crucial it is to be able to effectively convey an idea or concept in a limited amount of time. Being on both sides of the creative lends to Chris' great success with clients.

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