Summary: Their bites are more than deadly....

The small town near the Everglades was supposed to offer Rachel and her son a fresh start. Instead it offered the start of a nightmare, when an unknown breed of flies migrated through the area, leaving painful bites in their wake. The media warned people to stay inside until the swarm passed. But the flies didn't leave. And then the radios and TVs went silent. That's when the spiders came. Spiders that could spin a deadly web large enough to engulf an entire house overnight. Spiders that left stripped bones behind as they multiplied. Spiders that, like the flies, sought hungrily for tender flesh - through Violet Eyes.

Author: John Everson

Summary: In early July of 1947, something crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. The military claims it's a weather balloon. Witnesses insist they've seen bodies of aliens, and the wreckage of a UFO.

Sixty-eight years pass. On September 15th, 2015, an incident involving the Roswell wreckage escalates into a massive nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States, leaving five billion dead. Another eighty-three years have passed. It's 2098, and project T.I.T.O.R. is a reality. Hop machines are created by top quantum physicists Ephraim Caine, Jeff Waldron, and Rose Rios. These complex crafts are designed to do one thing: penetrate the time barrier. Time is short. Earth; wounded, post-apocalyptic, with her dwindling resources on the verge of exhaustion, can barely support life. Project T.I.T.O.R. has a singular focus: to send hop crews back through time, and find some way to stop the nuclear exchange. To save the Earth.

After more than two hundred routine missions, one goes awry, and the hop machine and its crew tumble from the sky. Hop 206 crashes near Roswell, New Mexico, in early July of 1947. In a mind-bending twist of fate, they've inadvertently set off a series of events that, if unchecked, will culminate in a nuclear war, and the slow, agonizing death of their living planet.

They've triggered the precise scenario T.I.T.O.R. was meant to preclude. With everything stacked against them, can they succeed in changing history? Or will time prevail, blocking every effort to change it, and eliminating humanity in the process?

Author: J.M.Surra

Audiobooks Narrated

Chris Roman Voice Over

Summary: The last thing Jesse Coaglan ever wanted to do was return to his hometown of Thrall, New Jersey. Tucked away in the wilds of the northwestern corner of the state, Thrall has always been a very strange place to live. The town was a poison that affected people's minds, their souls, their bodies, and their perspectives. So Jesse abandoned his friends and the one woman he loved, and left everything behind.

Seven years later, Jesse has found a reason to return - a reason that, in spite of his best attempts otherwise, he can't ignore. His old love, Mia Dalianis, has left him a voicemail message begging him to come back, if not for her, then for the daughter Jesse never knew he had. Jesse needs to go back. He's been running for a long time - from relationships, friendships, everything he is afraid of and feels guilty over. He realizes that the nightmares will never stop until he goes to Thrall.

With help from Nadia Richards and some old surviving friends from Thrall, Jesse intends to find his daughter or die trying. He goes looking for redemption, but what he discovers about his old hometown may destroy him and everyone he's ever cared about.

Summary: Robin Curtis and her son Paul have come to Devil Creek to start over after her bitter divorce. Also new to the area is Mike Landware-a writer haunted by the death of his wife. Neither of them are looking for love or trouble, but in Devil Creek, it's possible they'll find both. At first Devil Creek seems like an idyllic small town, but it's not long until things begin to go horribly wrong. A young hoodlum takes an automatic weapon into town for a killing spree that shocks everyone. The same night, a serial killer begins stalking the women of the community. When Paul goes missing in the mountains, it's up to Robin and Mike to find him and to find out what's going on in their new home . . . before it's too late and another victim is added to the growing death toll.